Startup Incubator

Startup Incubator


  • Consulting & Strategy
  • E-Business plan
  • Functional Mockups’
  • R&D Technological laboratory
  • Market research and study
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Communication plan
  • Partners research
  • Human Resources research
  • Legal study
  • Investors research

Before becoming an e-Business, startup is made of strange dreams or simple ideas.
Our incubator is making your dreams a reality and not only a virtual reality.
Starting an e-Business is more than virtual economy. It’s the real economy but online or mobile.
Sustainable e-Business is not only a revolution but is more about evolution.
Kicking off your startup in an incubator, supervised by experts and experienced coaches, saves steps. This increases the chances of success of your startup.


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COM2B GROUP | Interactive Communication, Web, Mobile and eMarketing Agency | The Community Architects | A Global Experts Network |Inbound Marketing

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Don't look further, you've found COM2B, your new ODOO.COM Silver Partner (OpenERP)!

COM2B GROUP is a network of eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing experts and consultants working perfectly with its customers thanks to an AGILE production management methodology to optimize budgets, projects, schedules and resources.

SMART IS BEAUTIFULL sums up our working philosophy: SMART experts & consultants for SMART projects at affordable budgets.

From "Front End" to "Back Office", we offer all skills to help companies and institutions to present them professionally, with the "right" information at the right time, via multi-devices (Desktop, Web, Tablet, Smartphone), through any networks (Internet, Intranet, Extranet) by broadcasting the best interactive and multimedia communication through communities with a stated aim: RETURN ON INVESTISSEMENT.